Chillin’ like a villain 

On Thursday morning me and little C packed our bags and went to the country house where we’re going to stay now for 2 weeks, which is awesome. But as you know the connection here sucks so I probably won’t be uploading any daily pictures on the blog. 

I can tell you though that we’re really loving our time here, just relaxing and enjoying this place. 

Today K is coming up after work as well so tonight we’ll barbecue together with his cousin. Summer in Sweden ain’t so bad either..! 

Even though the weather has plenty to work on.. (yeey I could upload one picture!) 

Bye bye vacation 

You have been more amaizing than words can describe. 8 countries and 17 destinations in 4 weeks. I wish right now that I could do it all over again. But most of all I wish that my family will have the possibility to do these kind of trips all the time. 

Yet another day at the beach 

And it sure was a beautiful one today! Tomorrow is our last day here before we take the ferry back to Sweden in the evening. I can’t believe we’ve been out traveling for 4 weeks today. It really feels like we left Sweden yesterday..! 

Sandals from Hermes, shirt from H&M

Love that they have Starbucks by the beach in Sopot!

Bikini from Saltabad Evanette, sunglasses Celine and watch Rolex

Last two pictures are from Gdansk old town from my run this morning. 

Finally some sun and a beach day 

It wasn’t as warm as the pictures tell but at least we finally got some beach time after three days of bad weather. But when the weather is nice Sopot is really an amazing place to go to. Celine even got a friend on the beach, 9,5 months old so almost the exact same age! The little cutie couldn’t even crawl yet, and Celine who is almost walking, there are really huge differences between babies this age, I wonder what it depends on…? 

Gdansk old town

I’m having some troubles uploading photos at the moment. Don’t know if it’s the bad internet or problem with the app or whatever but just some or none of the photos I try to upload really shows up. Anyways we’re having a good time in Gdansk even though the weather is a bit disappointing… but we are just taking it easy walking around and enjoying the atmosphere of the city which is very nice too, and a lot less stressful than the previous part of the trip ;). 

Here’s some photos from yesterday