Bye bye vacation 

You have been more amaizing than words can describe. 8 countries and 17 destinations in 4 weeks. I wish right now that I could do it all over again. But most of all I wish that my family will have the possibility to do these kind of trips all the time. 


This morning the weather here was awful so we decided to just relax a bit at the hotel before we headed out to walk around and have lunch in Vevey, just next to Montreux. And just after a while the weather cleared up and became beautiful again. 

My big Bobo fell asleep in my lap while the little baby was asleep in her stroller and I watched the beautiful view.

Now we’re back at the hotel before we’re going to meet up an old friend of ours. 

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, friends! 

Another shade of grey

Gothenburg delivers one of the most boring weather-days today. But honestly I couldn’t care less because tomorrow evening we will be on our way, 

To this:

Montreux (my own photo)

Montruex (my own photo)

And this:

Provence (stolen photo)

And this:

Camogli (stolen photo)

And much, much more. I really can’t believe that we are actually going away for a month. That has never happened for anyone of us in the family, vacation abroad for a whole month will be a first for us. But I’m more than sure it’s all going to be amazing. 

Now I’m up for a session with my PT. Have a lovely Tuesday!