Swedish Summer 

Internet is working perfectly at the moment so I thought I’d share some moments from last night with you. 

There really isn’t a better place in the world than right here on a good Swedish summer night. 

I didn’t catch the fish even though I’m fully capable of doing it. It was Kacper’s cousin who caught the first one!

Chillin’ like a villain 

On Thursday morning me and little C packed our bags and went to the country house where we’re going to stay now for 2 weeks, which is awesome. But as you know the connection here sucks so I probably won’t be uploading any daily pictures on the blog. 

I can tell you though that we’re really loving our time here, just relaxing and enjoying this place. 

Today K is coming up after work as well so tonight we’ll barbecue together with his cousin. Summer in Sweden ain’t so bad either..! 

Even though the weather has plenty to work on.. (yeey I could upload one picture!) 

I’m back! 

We’re now back in Gothenburg and finally I have some decent connection again so here comes a photo bonanza from our weekend at the country house. 

Very interested in cooking programs…? 

Dinner alone with baby asleep and man working: my favorite tacos! 

My fav Swedish beer! 

Really had some quality time with my baby C since Kacper has been working a lot. 

These mornings… 

And these nights. 

To spend time at this place really is like going to a long spa treatment for both my body and soul. I never feel as good as when I’m there. I never feel as much as myself as when I’m there and I really noticed on my little girl that she loved the place too. I already long for going back directly after our road trip! 

Happy Saturday folks! 

Last day in Båstad

We’ve had yet an amazing day in Båstad with beautiful weather and today we had a visit from our lovely friends Sandra & Stefan who came from Malmö. You really can’t tell on these pictures that Sandra is 8,5 months pregnant, I mean look at her!! So beautiful!! It’s so nice to have several of my old friends having babies at the same time as me, because that means our kids can have as much fun together as we’ve had throughout the years. Me and Sandra have known each other since high school. 

Tomorrow we’re going back to Gothenburg and I’m going to meet up with some other old friends from my university time in Switzerland. Very much looking forward! 

Have a great Friday evening friends!