Bye bye vacation 

You have been more amaizing than words can describe. 8 countries and 17 destinations in 4 weeks. I wish right now that I could do it all over again. But most of all I wish that my family will have the possibility to do these kind of trips all the time. 

Yesterdays shopping 

Catched a pair of these Dior heels yesterday in Portofino and am super satisfied with my buy. They are actually much more comfortable than you would suspect and will be perfect to basically any summer outfit. One of the things on my 100-to do-list (will tell you more about that list in another post) is to wear more heels so then I need to have more nice and comfortable ones to fulfill that goal – and this is a very good start! 

An evening in Portofino

Camogli (where we are staying at the moment) is situated just a 20 minute drive away from Portofino, so we decided to spend yesterday evening there. And we were not disappointed. The village is truly beautiful and the atmosphere very nice. 

A tired little monkey clinging on to her daddy

We both managed to do some shopping as well in the little village that actually offered both LV, Dior & Rolex. I will show you my catch later during the day. 

Have a wonderful Thursday my friends!