Bye bye vacation 

You have been more amaizing than words can describe. 8 countries and 17 destinations in 4 weeks. I wish right now that I could do it all over again. But most of all I wish that my family will have the possibility to do these kind of trips all the time. 

Monaco and a flat tire

We had a wonderful day in Monaco today. We went up early and drove there before 10, walked around, did some shopping and just enjoyed our day and everything was perfect (as the rest of the trip has been) until we ran over a big stone on the highway on the way back to Cannes and instantly got a flat tire. We got some assistance from our insurance company and they took the car (after some misunderstandings and almost 2 hours of waiting) to a tire mechanic just before they closed. The next problem was though that the tire was so badly broken that they couldn’t just fix it but we had to get a new one and they didn’t have our type in their storage…! So we had to leave the car at the mechanics in Nice and take a taxi back to Cannes and hopefully we will get our car back on Monday with new tires. Good thing we were supposed to stay in Cannes until Wednesday so we have time to wait! 

Now the little one just fell asleep after a long day and we will just sit down and have a glass of wine and enjoy the view I think. After 5 hours of trouble I think we deserve that. 

The marina in Monaco.
Beautiful Hotel du Paris
The entrance to the Casino

The casino

OOTD – Top Bershka, shorts H&M, sandals Valentino, bag Gucci, Sunglasses Celine