Swedish Summer 

Internet is working perfectly at the moment so I thought I’d share some moments from last night with you. 

There really isn’t a better place in the world than right here on a good Swedish summer night. 

I didn’t catch the fish even though I’m fully capable of doing it. It was Kacper’s cousin who caught the first one!

Chillin’ like a villain 

On Thursday morning me and little C packed our bags and went to the country house where we’re going to stay now for 2 weeks, which is awesome. But as you know the connection here sucks so I probably won’t be uploading any daily pictures on the blog. 

I can tell you though that we’re really loving our time here, just relaxing and enjoying this place. 

Today K is coming up after work as well so tonight we’ll barbecue together with his cousin. Summer in Sweden ain’t so bad either..! 

Even though the weather has plenty to work on.. (yeey I could upload one picture!) 

Country house

Heading up to our own piece of heaven today, our country house just outside of Lysekil, approximately 1hr from Gothenburg. It’s been quite a while since we stayed here the last time and I’m sooo much looking forward. There really isn’t a place on this earth where I feel better and become more myself than at this place. 

I mean look at that place. Sometimes I just wish I could live there all year around. It’s amazing how much feelings you can have for a place like this. I really hope Celine gets to experience that feeling one day too.