Almost forgot….! 

That this little frog is turning 10 months today!! Congratulations to her! She is so big (tall) for her age and really good at learning in life. Any day now she will walk on her own and she’s already understanding so much when we talk to her. She can point out where here pacifier is or where the ball is. And if we ask her where dad/mum is she starts to look around. She plays peekaboo with us all the time and has just recently started to try to scare us by screaming, it’s hilarious to watch her! She is really a happy baby who a lot of times just bluntly screams out of happiness when she sees a child/dog/bird or just for some other reason we have no clue about. And she loves music and dancing. She can clap and dance for 30 minutes in the mornings when we put on music for her in bed. It’s one of our absolute favorite moments of the day. Another thing she absolutely loves is “reading”, when you open one page after the other and reads here the words she screams of happiness for each single page, she’s just so excited about what’s going to happen on the next page..! 

But the absolutely best part about her (except for the fact that she actually sleeps through 95% of all nights without waking up) is that she looooves to cuddle, kiss and hug the people she love. It’s the most cosy thing ever, I can promise you.

We couldn’t be happier your father and I, that you chose us as parents, little C. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us! 

Saturday was 👌

Had the most amazing time with my ladies yesterday! We did everything we love, talk, drink wine, eat good food, talk more and constantly laugh! But since we had so much to talk about I didn’t manage to get any pictures so I’m stealing Kristin’s. It was so sweet of her and her family to take us out on the first boat ride of the year and invite us into their summer house! 

Since I didn’t manage to take a photo of lovely Kristin I’ll give her a throwback to the time we were much more like sisters than friends during our time in Switzerland. ❤️

Sunday is now spent the best way possible, hanging out with my family at my parents house. It has really been one of the best weekends in a long time! 

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends! 

9 months in, 9 months out

Today she turns 9 months. Our own little terrorist. Imagine that I’ve had her inside of my body just as long as she’s been on the outside now. She’s getting so big, growing up so fast. Learning new things every day. 

We really love her endlessly and the love keep growing all the time. 

Throwbacks with the belly: 

9 months pregnant (just days before she was born). 

8 months pregnant 
6 months pregnant 

Throwbacks of our baby girl. 

1 week old 

2 months old 

4 months old. 

8 months old. 

Can’t wait to get to know Celine better and see what she has to bring to the world, I’m sure it is a lot.