Yesterdays cuddly day with friends 

Yesterday me and C hanged out basically the whole day with our besties Ronja & Ellie (first pic). Ellie is the newest addition to the crew and she fits perfectly in of course. Later in the evening we met up with Caroline and Emma and we all had a drink together. It was truly a perfect summer day and night (even though Sweden isn’t exactly giving us any particular summer heat yet…). Photo creds to Ronja who took all the amazing photos but didn’t end up in even one of them herself (remind me to take more photos please!) 

Finally some sun and a beach day 

It wasn’t as warm as the pictures tell but at least we finally got some beach time after three days of bad weather. But when the weather is nice Sopot is really an amazing place to go to. Celine even got a friend on the beach, 9,5 months old so almost the exact same age! The little cutie couldn’t even crawl yet, and Celine who is almost walking, there are really huge differences between babies this age, I wonder what it depends on…? 

Wine Tuesday

Had a great evening yesterday, drinking wine with my lovely Frida at Ruby Rooftop in Gothenburg. 

It was really a beautiful evening in Gothenburg and as always we had a lot of fun together me and Frida. 

Today I have a long list of things to prepare before our trip next week, so after little C wakes up from her nap we’re going to head out on town. 

Happy Wednesday peeps!

Saturday was 👌

Had the most amazing time with my ladies yesterday! We did everything we love, talk, drink wine, eat good food, talk more and constantly laugh! But since we had so much to talk about I didn’t manage to get any pictures so I’m stealing Kristin’s. It was so sweet of her and her family to take us out on the first boat ride of the year and invite us into their summer house! 

Since I didn’t manage to take a photo of lovely Kristin I’ll give her a throwback to the time we were much more like sisters than friends during our time in Switzerland. ❤️

Sunday is now spent the best way possible, hanging out with my family at my parents house. It has really been one of the best weekends in a long time! 

Have a beautiful Sunday, friends! 

Last day in Båstad

We’ve had yet an amazing day in Båstad with beautiful weather and today we had a visit from our lovely friends Sandra & Stefan who came from Malmö. You really can’t tell on these pictures that Sandra is 8,5 months pregnant, I mean look at her!! So beautiful!! It’s so nice to have several of my old friends having babies at the same time as me, because that means our kids can have as much fun together as we’ve had throughout the years. Me and Sandra have known each other since high school. 

Tomorrow we’re going back to Gothenburg and I’m going to meet up with some other old friends from my university time in Switzerland. Very much looking forward! 

Have a great Friday evening friends!