Swedish Summer 

Internet is working perfectly at the moment so I thought I’d share some moments from last night with you. 

There really isn’t a better place in the world than right here on a good Swedish summer night. 

I didn’t catch the fish even though I’m fully capable of doing it. It was Kacper’s cousin who caught the first one!

Bye bye vacation 

You have been more amaizing than words can describe. 8 countries and 17 destinations in 4 weeks. I wish right now that I could do it all over again. But most of all I wish that my family will have the possibility to do these kind of trips all the time. 

Last night’s dinner

We had a beautiful dinner at one of the hotel restaurants called Le Gourmet. It supposedly offered a bit more exclusive food than the restaurant we went to yesterday. And it sure lived up to the reputation. 

True swedes celebrating the Swedish national day! We even wore yellow and blue without synchronizing our outfits…

Vahlrona chocolate dessert

We were offered both pre-dessert and this little buffet as an after dessert.

Cheers to a wonderful stay at Le Coquillade which I can truly recommend! Today we continue onwards on our journey!