Yet another day at the beach 

And it sure was a beautiful one today! Tomorrow is our last day here before we take the ferry back to Sweden in the evening. I can’t believe we’ve been out traveling for 4 weeks today. It really feels like we left Sweden yesterday..! 

Sandals from Hermes, shirt from H&M

Love that they have Starbucks by the beach in Sopot!

Bikini from Saltabad Evanette, sunglasses Celine and watch Rolex

Last two pictures are from Gdansk old town from my run this morning. 


Woke up to a cloudy Cannes today, which actually was kind of perfect for us since we have a lot to do today. So I started the day with a morning jog along the beach and now it’s time to start packing. And as you can see on clip no. 2 I got some help…! 

Haha, her guilty face in the end is priceless. 

OOTD with the little one

Top Zara, skirt H&M, sunglasses Celine and sandals Hermes. Little C is wearing a dress we bought on a market in Montreux last week. 

It’s been yet another wonderful (but very hot) day here in Cannes and we are really not in the mood for starting to pack tomorrow. Hopefully our next destinations will be just as great as our week in Cannes has been. But at the moment we are doubting if it’s even possible. 

Nighty, nighty folks, talk tomorrow! 

Outfit of yesterday 

I love how the little one rolls. Always hanging like this to one side and usually holding the sides as if she was afraid she was going to fall out because we are going to fast…!

LOVE the pattern on these pants! Also have a matching top.

Top Bershka, pants Zara, scarf Pimkie (new in!), sandals Valentino, bag Chanel, sunglasses Celine.