Last night’s dinner

We had a beautiful dinner at one of the hotel restaurants called Le Gourmet. It supposedly offered a bit more exclusive food than the restaurant we went to yesterday. And it sure lived up to the reputation. 

True swedes celebrating the Swedish national day! We even wore yellow and blue without synchronizing our outfits…

Vahlrona chocolate dessert

We were offered both pre-dessert and this little buffet as an after dessert.

Cheers to a wonderful stay at Le Coquillade which I can truly recommend! Today we continue onwards on our journey!

Our lunch place

Here in Denia, Spain, we eat lunch basically every day at the same restaurant, El Bravo. 

Dad, K and little C feeding the fishes.

And when you see the place you understand why we eat there every day, right? But in addition to being beautifully located on the pier with the marina in front and having great staff it also serves very good food and drinks. Promise to try to take some photos of the food tomorrow, am terrible at remembering that… 

Nighty nighty! 

On this tuesday afternoon… 🎶

Igår åkte jag, Emma och Ronja hem till Madlen för att överraska henne med lite pre-födelsedagsfirande. Så vi stövlade in med ballonger, middagsmat och present och det blev, som vanligt med detta gänget, världens bästa kväll! 

Birthday kiddow med sin hubby

Emmis ❤

& Ronjis (och bebis i magen som inte alls syns på denna bilden, sååå snygg, min preggobuddy! ❤)

Sallad med halloumi och jordgubbar med chark till

Insta moment

Anton och Madlens fiiiina lägenhet som snart kommer vara ute till försäljning 👌

Vilken tisdagskväll va?!